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A View from The Top of Clonbullogue, Ireland

To the daring tourists, there is another way to enjoy the sights of Ireland as a whole, a different way that is, and this is from the top amidst the skies above it. Skydiving is another form of activity that Ireland has provided for its tourists so that they can satisfy the excitement and thrills that most people look for in a vacation. Jumping from a plane at 3,000 feet is something that truly needs no explanation. It is simply a crazy thing for the not so oriented tourists who have not experienced such an ordeal, and may not be suitable for them if their hearts cannot handle the intensity and pressure that such an activity holds for them. Surely the adrenalin level will be raised to a maximum level, and this alone provides a heart beating ordeal that will surely make people savor and remember this particular activity in Ireland. Based in Clonbullogue, a good 5 miles away of Edenderry, traveling to this site is expected to bear all the excitement and thrills that tourists will have before even coming there. In fact, with their expectations and excitement at a very high level, it is not surprising if they overlook the other nearby sites along the way. The mindset shall surely be on the activity itself, something that they are looking forward to since they can always look back from a different view, the sites that they missed along the way. Not a bad deal for a daring tourist considering only a chosen few are brave enough to undergo such an activity of jumping off a plane and getting the best view available for all of Ireland. Tourists can either jump solo or as a group. Anyone can just imagine how it would feel to jump alone, having all the skies to themselves and adoring the scenic pleasures bit by bit as he descends from the sky like a falling angel waiting to touch the grounds of the various beautiful soils of Ireland.