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Tourists spending their vacation their holidays should consider some time off from the usual traveling and walking around the area of Ireland and probably just find a quiet place where they can lie back, watch the clouds move on by and enjoy the natural fields of green. A great place to visit and enjoy the quiet and fresh air St. Stephen’s Greens large allocated space makes it as wide as it can be for anyone who wants space and piece of mind while the world passes by unnoticed. See creatures such as ducks walk on by, and the other components that complete a very calm atmosphere like the beautiful ornamented flowers and a fountain to get the complete feeling of freshness that can rub off and take a person’s mind on the current situations that are going on in the world today. Share pleasantries, enjoy the surroundings, this magical place offers a place of complete tranquility open to all ages where you can practically do anything under the sun. For the natural nature lover and the person seeking time off to forget the realities of life, this place is the perfect fit to answer that need and longing. Also, if the tourists should schedule their trip on a hot day, it is the best place to forget about the heat. Such a refreshing place to be, people will simply love spending their time here, considering that there is so much to do in this country of insurmountable promise and things to show. In all, this place serves as a respite and a place for recharging battered bodies from the everyday rigors of visiting the different tourist spots that Dublin, Ireland has to offer. No one would think that such a place would be given attention despite its large area coverage, placed nicely decorated and preserved for people not only locally but internationally, to admire and experience.