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Unique Car Trip Destinations The best restaurants in Ireland

There’s more to Irish cuisine than bacon and cabbage suppers—and a car trip through Ireland, sampling its traditional dishes as well as variations created by imaginative chefs who have merged it with international flavours—can help you discover that. In fact, the opportunity to visit the country’s best restaurants is one of the advantages of hiring a car. You have the freedom to define your itinerary and visit establishments typically excluded from a commercial tour. And since these restaurants are frequented by locals, you know that they truly represent local culture and tastes, something which you may not find in tourist traps or hotels. If your car trip through Ireland takes you through Candeboye Estate, be sure to stop by Shanks restaurant. Run by a husband and wife, it features Irish cuisine with Italian and French twists. They use only the freshest ingredients, including local game like pheasant, pigeon, venison and guinea fowl. Another stopover you can make in your car trip through Ireland is the Restaurant Michael Deane, which earned a Michelin star barely eight months after it opened. The chef is not only highly skilled in the kitchen, he has a flair for entertaining. He runs a cooking class and is considered a guru in the Irish cuisine circuit. Many people make a car trip to the restaurant just to sample its nine-course menu. Ireland is known for its abundant fishing, which is why it is a popular destination for anglers. The Fishy Fishy Café makes art out of the fresh seafood caught from the nearby port. Anyone traveling through Ireland by car should include this restaurant in the itinerary—it is definitely worth the car trip. If you wish to hire a car for your trip to Ireland, you can approach the numerous car hire agencies located in major airports and cities. Car hire agencies can also assist you in developing your itinerary, and give you directions to attractions in the area.