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A Tour of The Burren in Ireland

Ireland is a country that is not only solely defined by its long history and magnificent castles – it is also a country that is equally, if not more, impressive geologically. The Burren, located northwest of County Clare, covers an area of 300 square kilometres and is regarded with extreme importance by geologists, archaeologists, and botanists not only in Ireland but in the rest of the world as well. It is the largest karstic limestone site in the whole of Western Europe. It is considered an odd feature in the general landscape of Ireland and is a source of endless fascination for geologists who study its underground rivers, grykes, and limestone patterns. The Burren is a place of interest for botanists because it is considered home to a number of rare alpine plants. These plants are very delicate and only grow in thin soil and crevices. Among these plants are the gentians, maidenhair ferns, and mountain avens. What’s more interesting though is that the continued survival of these Mediterrranean and alpine plants in this most unusual habitat has been the source of debate among scientists and a wonderful experience for the careful traveller. Archaeologists and Irish historians are also equally interested in The Burren. There is a large concentration of celtic crosses, megalithic tombs, more than sixty wedge tombs, and the ruins of a Cistercian Abbey. Travellers who walk on the Burren Way can marvel as these sites while walking along a hard limestone path, which also has a great view of Aran Islands and Galway Bay. The Burren is easily accessible by car. Renting a car in Ireland is fast, easy, and safe. Travellers can inquire at any car hire company office located inside airports for the most competitive packages. In fact, travelling by car in Ireland is fast becoming the favorite mode of touring the country. The roads are safe, the people are friendly and travellers can take their time in admiring what Ireland has to offer tourists.