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Tips for Affordable dining in Ireland

If you’re traveling through Ireland on a budget, one of the advantages of renting a car is that not only do you get to take control of your time and on the way you choose to tour the country you can also save money by being creative on your dining expense choices. 1. Use the kitchen of your hostel or self-catering cottage to prepare your meals. If you are staying in a self-catering cottage you can even prepare a meal big enough so that you can save the left-overs so you won’t have to cook when you come back in the evening. 2. Bring your own picnic with you. Visit delis, restaurants, bakeries and prepare your picnic basket. 3. The lunch menu is usually the most affordable fare in a restaurant. Try to make lunch the main meal of your day. 4. Have an early evening meal and ask for the early-bird specials. These are usually offered by restaurants from between 5:30 – 7pm. 5. Try to eat your meal in a hotel coffee shop, the prices there are usually way below the exorbitant prices charged in hotel dining rooms. 6. Instead of ordering a la carte, order from the fixed-price menu. A growing number of Irish restaurants are now offering 3 and 4 course meals. Not only are they very filling, they also offer excellent value. 7. Bed & breakfasts, guesthouses, and farmhouses usually offer half-board rates. This usually already includes bed, breakfast and dinner every night at reduced prices. 8. Consider eating your meals in fast-food restaurants instead of sit-down restaurants, the meals are not only filling the value is excellent. Try ordering the set value meals to get more savings. 9. Ask the locals for restaurants that offer excellent value. Tourists are usually herded into restaurants that have “tourist rates”. Local restaurants that cater more to the locals are far more affordable, has bigger servings and you also get to experience the local atmosphere while having your meals.