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Tips for Affordable Accommodations in Ireland

One of the benefits of traveling through Ireland by rented car is that you can control every aspect of your trip, including its expenses. You can make significant savings just by choosing your accommodations prudently. 1. Try not to travel alone. Single rates will cost more than a shared room. During the tourist peak season or special dates, many hotels and bed & breakfasts would charge the full double rate even if only one person will occupy the room. 2. Ireland’s best budget option are hostels. These hostels are not standardised and so each single one offers different amenities. There are some that offer private rooms at half the rate of what you’d pay for in a bed & breakfast. All hostels have self-catering kitchens so you can save some more by preparing your meals. A growing number of hostels are now offering budget-priced restaurants. 3. If so inclined, you can book a bed & breakfast without the private bathroom. 4. Groups and large families can consider renting a self-catering cottage. The per-person rate is a whole lot cheaper than the hotels and bed & breakfasts. Factor in the money you will save on preparing your own meals and the savings become very significant. Although the rentals are usually done on a weekly basis, there are some that offer weekend rates. 5. Tents and basic camping equipment can come in handy. Ireland has many campgrounds that are very safe and reliable. The cost of renting a campsite even includes the use of the kitchens and bathrooms. To eliminate the need for bringing bulky equipment with you in your plane travel, you can buy a cheap tent when you arrive in Ireland. Some campsites even sell used equipment. 6. One way to save when booking accommodations in hotels is by bringing your business to hotel chains, since these establishments charge by the room, and not per person.