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St. Stephen's Greens, Dublin's Green Grass of Home

Dream of yourself standing on a cliff. Be careful though, a wrong step in the wrong direction may prove to be fatal. Be awed at a sight that aims to provide the tourist a captivating view, make your knees tremble and take you aback, these are just some of the things to ponder upon, once they set foot on this spot located near the West Coast of Ireland. For people who are afraid of heights, this spot would not be suitable for them and may be advised to settle for the less adventurous and captivating spots in Ireland. However, for the ones who crave for adventure and something breathtaking and worth their while, this is the place for them, but as many would say, “Proceed with Caution”. This spot is something more than just standing on a building. A wide space of open area with only the waves of the sea to admire, this is a good place to be once the sun sets, the atmosphere just provides a captivating mood, not only for the romantic and nature lovers of the world, but for the tourists and people who don’t usually experience such in their daily lives in their own home lands. Ireland has more sites that cater to the same, but standing on the Cliff of Moher, it would be an experience that would no be forgotten for years to come in the lives of the ordinary person. People want something different, something exciting and new. Access and wonders to such scenery is just limited to being able to see pictures, and from scenes in different films that are seen on television. First hand experience is something that is more valuable than anything else material in this world, and this is something that most people would keep in their early annals of personal history.