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A Stone Built Castle in Kilkenny, Ireland

Ireland’s population is dominated mostly by Roman Catholics and a small portion of other religions as Protestants or Methodists. However, the country is far from choosing the type of people to which they can accommodate and pay homage to. The numerous churches and standing cathedrals more than projects a very picturesque image that even during the early times of its existence, such monuments were already standing and observed. Cathedrals are spread properly around the country, providing another view and site towards the annals of history in the religious aspect that make up the total world history of the world in the earlier times. The Christchurch Cathedral is one such monument and one of two Anglican cathedrals that has been standing as early as 600 A.D. One can just imagine the active restoration that each generation that has done throughout the years, helping it stand until today for the viewing and actual pleasure of all tourists coming in from the country. Another monument that is located in the streets of Dublin, it is a site that any tourist can’t miss. An attraction that people can’t afford to miss here is the finest choirs that Ireland has. It is rare for people to find and appreciate the purpose of maintaining cathedrals. Not all countries are gifted with such a landmark to be among the roster of available attractions that they can claim as their own. People who travel along Dublin, Ireland have this opportunity, especially the more religious tourists who would pay homage to such a place which they do not usually get to see in everyday life in their own native lands. Founded in 1172 by the Anglo-Norman Conqueror Strongbow, various re-designs and restoration prowess have taken part in trying to preserve this place. A site worth the visit, tourists can’t afford to oversee this and make it part of their touring agenda.