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The Stephen Pearce Pottery in Cobh, Ireland

Drive out along the countryside of Cobh, Ireland with that quality rented vehicle from carhire and tourists will be able to find and actually witness first handedly how the pottery making practices of Ireland is done. Located in Shanagarry, there lies a village that is home to a small pottery factory known as Stephen Pearce Pottery, responsible for the manufacture of the best pottery products that this country can produced. Made in various designs, a workshop within the vicinity of the pottery factory enable tourists to see how beautifully designed pots are made with the unique designs that only the Irish people can think of. Best known designs are usually the unfinished brown with a gazed white trim that most tourists simply adore. Pottery is a practice that is usually done in various parts of the world. But regardless of this, it all boils down to the proper designs that are being done on them that separates and defines each product from each other. People have varied tastes in design, that is why the more variety of designs and uniqueness that people can be exposed to, the better it is for the makers themselves. The path going towards there is already a very good preparation for the tourist, a good 30 to 40 minute drive from Cobh, where the tourists shall be treated to nice cruise along the countryside, serving as a very nice preparation for the best part of the tour once they arrive in the village proper. Arts are what Ireland is known for, so anyone can just imagine the type of designs that they do on their work. Ireland is rich in tradition and employs a very high quality standard in their work, something that has earned them the reputation of being strict with regards to providing lasting impressions and world class quality products. This is not solely limited towards their tourist spots, food and consumer goods, but towards their art products such as pots as well.