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Reflections of a Franciscan Friary Tourist

Vacation time is also a time of reflecting and healing wounds for some tourists. People all over the world are exposed to various pressures and personal conflicts, and vacations help them live through it and provide them the necessary fresh air and break from it to recover and once again face the world as it comes towards them. While this opportunity may also be available in any place or country in the world, Ireland can offer something different, a place where they are dedicated into helping people find themselves once more and find that inner peace that they have, to help strengthen their souls for the various personal tests that is in store for them. The Franciscan Friary Centre of Peace and Reconciliation aims to help tourists in attaining such tasks that may not seem important for some, but a lot to the spiritually inclined. It is without a doubt that with the various obstacles that we all face in our lives, there is bound to be a time where people would like to reflect and get to recall all that has transpired in their lives. Without question, for a country that is rich in religion and cultural beliefs and accommodations for that matter, Ireland can also provide the necessary adjustments for such. People can find this place with their own means of transport from carhire. Located in Donegal, tourists can simply, turn left at the top of the hill of Ballyshannon and they just simply cannot miss the location. This centre aims to continue and provide the necessary services of God, so that people may know that while they may have all the necessities of life, He is still needed and should be recalled for having put us here for a purpose. For most people, the purpose is unclear and forgotten, hence it is the task for the Franciscan Friary to bring this back and put people, both local and not, back in the right track.