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The Preserved Road from the Iron Age in Kenagh

Tourists may not be aware of it, but even the roads are preserved in a way, especially the ones known to be in existence as far as the early ages like the Iron Age. Such a road exists in the Corlea Trackway Visitor Centre, where an oak road was uncovered earlier on through massive excavation proceedings that were done by Irish professors in the early years. People will be able to glance and see how serious Ireland folks are when it comes to preservations, going as far as the roads themselves and applying all necessary means to ensure that such monuments are not touched nor destroyed at all costs. The normal person would think that such would be a waste of time. But to imagine that such a thing would start to exist as far the Iron Age. With the private ride coming from carhire, people can get to this site which is approximately 3 kilometers from Kenagh Village in Ireland. Once tourists are able to see this preserved artifact, they will see the very delicate nature of this preservation and the efforts that they have been exhausting to keep it that way and avoid any problems. Unlike other items wherein there are means to maintain the up keep and quality of such things for maintenance, this is one in which there are no materials that can change the composition and retain its value towards the Irish people. For the people who believe in preservation and country treasures, this is a place worth the time to visit. It may not be considered as one of the extravagant things to do in Ireland but for some, the spare time is enough to visit it and get an idea of why such monuments are given due importance and eventually become attractions to this country that is simply full of surprises and treasures.