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The Oyster Festival of Galway, Ireland

The sounds of nature largely set the tone of any mood and provide a sense of tranquility and peaceful surroundings. Add a little bit of the spices of nature and you get a very comfortable background, setting the tone for a very refreshing feeling of that burned out feeling. Such can be found in the identified and defined places of Ireland. Often, these places provide a relieving and soothing atmosphere that makes worn out and battered bodies, a rejuvenated feeling of energy. Surrounded by nothing but extreme calmness and sounds of nature, people could spend just about the entire day on one spot, leaving behind the world and making the most out of the short stint outside that of reality. Count Derry is one of the most commonly visited places in Ireland that is well known for being able to offer the proper getaway from the real world and provide the seeking individual the proper attention and time off from everything in reality. Also known as Londonderry, this old beautiful city is surrounded by a landscape of unparalleled beauty and diversity. It is the last walled city built in the country to which tourists can be able to walk around it, approximately about a mile long and 18 feet thick. Given the safe means of transportation provided from leading car rental services in Ireland, will surely make the travel time and trip to this place worth it, considering that the Tourist board has approved such a place to provide value and quality for anyone. This place has been around for some time, and Ireland has done a splendid way in maintaining such a spot for proper accommodations and viewing pleasure by all tourists. True enough, as with all their other specialized locations, people can expect a grand time from such a place where total relaxation and comfort can be expected from the very first day of arrival.