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The National Museum A great destination in your Ireland car trip

The National Museum of Ireland is one of the premier museums in the country. In fact, when you say “National Museum of Ireland” you are actually referring to three separate sections located in three different locations: the archaeological museum in Kildare; the Natural History Museum in Merrion; and the Collins Barracks Museum in Benburb. The National Museum of Ireland was opened in 1890 and contains artifacts that date from 7000 BC to the twentieth century. The museum’s archaeological collection consists of three main parts. The Treasury features Celtic and Medieval art including the Ardagh Chalice, the Derrynaflan Hoard and the Tara Brooch. Ireland’s Gold is a collection of prehistoric gold artifacts that were found in Europe. Prehistoric Ireland, on the other hand, is an exhibit on culture during Ireland’s prehistory. Other sections that are now included in the Archeological Museum are exhibits on Ancient Egypt, Viking Age Ireland, and The Road to Independence. The Natural History Museum was opened in 1857 and has been described as having one of the finest collections in the “old cabinet” style. The so-called Irish Room Collections shows Ireland’s wildlife. Mammals occupy the center of the room. The World Collection, on the other hand, has a suspended skeleton of a 65-foot whale on the roof. The Collin Barracks Museum is dedicated to decorative arts as well has artifacts that have an economic, social, military or political significance. Among those artifacts displayed are glassware, silver jewelry, and ceramics. Some of the more famous exhibits in the museum is a Japanese ceremonial bell that is 2000 years old and the gauntlets worn by King William during the Battle of the Boyne. This amazing collection is something that all travellers to Ireland should see. Car travel through Ireland is the best option in seeing the country. Renting a car enables travellers to tour Ireland unimpeded by schedules and itineraries. Car hire companies are more than happy to serve tourists who wish to make a car trip through the country.