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The Most Haunted Castle in Ireland

For some tourists and travellers, a visit to the famous tourist destinations and a dinner or two to an authentic regional restaurant is enough to call the trip memorable and worth it. But there is also a new breed of travellers who expect not only an educational trip but also a chance to really challenge themselves and add a thrill to what would otherwise be another mundane tourist attraction. Over the past few years, tourists who are into the paranormal have been frequenting some of Ireland’s famous castles. This is because these castles have also garnered a reputation for being haunted. This macabre reputation has actually made these places more famous and more tourists are coming in to try to get a glimpse at whatever supernatural things are happening in these castles. One of these famous (or infamous) castles is Leap Castle. This is a place with a very violent past. A number of dark events happened within its walls which contributed to its present reputation. About 400 years ago, a murder happened in the castle between a man and his priest brother. This event became known as Bloody Chapel.” Another strange structure in the castle is the oubliette which is located near the chapel. This room served as a dungeon and prisoners and enemies were dropped here to eventually be forgotten. Leap Castle’s reputation for being haunted is so great that some local residents even avoid it at night. It is this reputation that is attracting the tourists, the lucky ones may even be able to talk with the present owners of the castle. The extremely lucky may meet something far more provocative. Attractions like Leap Castle are destinations that may not be covered by commercial tours. It is for this reason that renting a car in Ireland is the best way of seeing the country. A lot of car hire companies will be more than happy to accommodate the requirements of tourists.