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Car Rental: More Than a Cheap Way To See Ireland

Car Rental in Ireland

There are many ways to tour Ireland but travelling by car is by far the most convenient and particularly if you want to follow your own tour plan, the most cost-effective.

Ireland is a relatively small island — thus all of its beauty spots are accessible by car. Journeys from one town or village to another can comfortably be completed within the same day. Since 1973, the Republic of Ireland has been a member of the EU, which has allowed it to invest heavily on upgrading its road infrastructure. While not detracting from the beauty of rural Ireland's green fields and stony walls, the upgraded road infrastructure has provided improved access to well-known towns and tourist destinations. As the Republic is part of the Eurozone (the area where the Euro is the official currency), petrol prices are generally in line with the EU average.

Northern Ireland is equally accessible by car. All our rental cars can travel between the Republic and Northern Ireland without delay or any additional cost.

Car Rental is more than just a cheap way to see Ireland — for certain beauty hotspots, it is the only way. While rail services provide access to major towns, the majority of smaller Irish towns and villages are not accessible by rail. Buses are more common but as with trains, timetables may not suit the visitor.

One of the most enjoyable ways to see Ireland is to pick a route between two of its larger towns (Cork and Killarney, for example), and to stop off at many of the numerous scenic and interesting locations along the route - an option you don't have with the rail or bus network.

Even coach tours don't allow you to wander off the beaten track or stay at a location for your desired time, yet both of these are key to the true (and cheap) way to experience Ireland — by rental car!