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The Merrion Hotel in Dublin, Ireland

Tourists are made up of different classes of people who want to make the most out of their current time off reality in their place of origins. Ideally, hotels would be the common places where they will stay for the duration of their break. Hence, it is not really surprising if the battle for the cheapest and best accommodation packages will always be on the top of the minds of the people once they are in the soils of Ireland. However, there are the elite people who would only want the best and stay in the luxury five star hotels. Dublin, Ireland has one such hotel, the Merrion Hotel, tagged as the most luxurious hotel. Packaged along with the proper modes of transport courtesy of carhire, people can go to and from the hotel to be able to tour the many different tourist attractions that this part of Ireland has to offer. But surely, leaving the hotel on their own free will is not an easy task. For one, most of the comforts of the hotel shall surely set in starting their first day, making them want to just to stay at home and enjoy the cozy ambiance that the Merrion Hotel has to offer towards its valued guests. A conflict like this would not be surprising at all to anyone who would stay in such hotel. Complete with the necessary amenities and the leisure of convenience at their finger tips, people would surely think twice before going out into the streets of Dublin and do their own separate explorations. A well designed and artistically built fortress, there is not much to say about the quality of service and what other add-ons this hotel has to offer. Surely, as with every common hotel, the immediate concerns on the hotel’s part is to make sure that their guests will enjoy their stay so that they will return for the same level of service in the succeeding years to come.