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A Literary Tour of Ireland

Ireland boasts of having produced some of the giants in English literature. From authors, to playwrights, to poets, Ireland can proudly be called the home of some of the most influential literary figures in history. To mark the lives and contributions of these literary heroes, the places that are memorable them or had a strong influence on their work are now popular tourist destinations. Among the popular destinations are places frequented by such people as James Joyce and WB Yeats. In order to really feel the emotional resonance of these places the best way to visit them is by not joining commercial tours. Renting a car is the best way to visit Ireland’s literary landmarks. Car hire companies are more than willing to help travellers with their car hire needs. A day tour of the various literary landmarks can start of like this: A traveller can start his Irish literary tour by driving his car towards Limerick, which was immortalized in the novel “Angela’s Ashes” from there it is a short drive away to Killarney for a rest. The next stop is the Ring of Kerry which carries a lot of literary associations. The next stop could be to Cork to visit the home of writer Elizabeth Bowen, which is found in Kildorey. After this is a long drive towards the Isles of Aran. JM Synge gained the inspirations for his book in this place. Galway City is another significant location. Located here is the house of Nora Barnacle, the wife of James Joyce. Another day is can be dedicated to all things Yeats, a visit to Thoor Ballylee is a must as this 16th century tower was once his home. The next stop would be Coole Park where he often went to visit his friend, Lady Augusta Gregory. The lake in the park served as the inspiration for his poem, The Wild Swans at Coole.