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Ireland's Literary Places Revisited

It is not everyday that people get the chance to enter a real castle. Castles will always go down as one of the most historic monuments pointing towards the medieval stages where knights ruled and battled for their keep in the early times. The closest that most people would get to seeing a castle would be in cinemas or television, re constructing series of events. However, to get to a certified and real castle would truly be a different type of an experience. Actually seeing and studying how they are built, the reality of being inside one can only be experienced in some chosen parts of the world, one of which is Ireland, the location for one of the more famous castles in the world, the Dublin Castle. More commonly identified as the seat of the British rule in 1922, this site has been up since the times of the first Lord of Ireland, King John. It was initially known as the foremost royal residence by the early rulers. To this day, this castle has been a main tourist attraction site in Ireland. This monument had served various means to house varied government activities of the country and when not used, is open to the public for their individual viewing splendor. The use of the most convenient ways of transport to go to this site would totally be worth their time. Various means of transportation can be provided by leading car rental firms for people who visit the country, one of which is Included in its packages are brief directions and the history of how to be able to get to this site and the primary information that surround the history of this site. True enough, for people who are very curious about castles and the early times, they can relive this by visiting one of the more prestigious tourist attractions in Dublin, Ireland.