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Best Stopovers for your Car Trip to Ireland Lake Hotel

Ireland is known for its hauntingly beautiful landscapes, especially Killarney National Park. Thousands of tourists make the car trip every year, just to see this mountain and lake reserve, and enjoy the rolling fields and seaside views that line the roads leading to it. It is one of the most scenic car drives in Ireland, and should be savored with leisure and the freedom to make frequent stops along the way for picture-taking or even picnicking. That is why many tourists opt to hire a car, rather than take a commercial tour of Killarney. Hiring a car lets you set your own itinerary, stay as long as you like in the area, and—with the help of a car hire agency, which can help you plan your itinerary and provide maps and addresses of surrounding areas—even explore the historical and cultural attractions that are a convenient car drive away. If you are planning a car trip to Killarney National Park, you can stay at the Lake Hotel. Located at the heart of the park on the shores of Lake Killarney, this family run establishment boasts of one of the best views in Ireland. Long before the manor was turned into a hotel, it already attracted some of the world’s most distinguished guests. The MacCarthy clan welcomed Queen Victoria of Britain here during her visit to Killarney in 1861. Lake Hotel combines the MacCarthy’s brand of warm Irish hospitality and old world charm with modern amenities. Cosy fires set next to a blazing log fire invite guests to sit and chat about their car travels through Ireland, wile The reception area is attractively set and opens out to an elegant lounge of cosy sofas laid out in front of a blazing log fire, while large windows offer spectacular views of the landscape and the adventure that waits outside. The rooms are elegant but unfussy, designed to comfort and pamper, and provide the good night’s rest for the next day’s car travels. For those who want a historical ambiance, some rooms are even decorated with Medieval and Roman themes, and are furnished with antique four poster beds. If you want to arrange a car trip to Killarney National Park, you can hire a car at the numerous car hire agencies located at airports and major cities.