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Galway's Food for Thought

This part of the world can be likened to that of a fantasy world, where people want to also prove to themselves how such imaginations coming from the various authors and story makers were able to compose and also have people believe that fictionally made characters as fairies and folklore truly existed and are now being tagged with the country as the point of origin. Driving along Ballycarry, people will pass through other tourist attraction sites like the St. John’s Parish Church and the Red Hall where it is believed that they possess a fair share of haunting and paranormal activities. Also, tourists get a first hand glimpse of the magnificent Glens of Antrim, starting their magical ride towards a different type of vacation travel, oozing at the different places that they actually pass through. Sometimes, such trips bring out the child in people, wanting to relive and find out for themselves the truth of it all. In Ireland, such explanations of the wildest imaginations in earlier times shall truly help in making some fantasies into actual realities. The questions that run around the minds of the people, most of them shelved and believed to be unimportant, shall suddenly become valuable to them, having the opportunity to validate their claims on truth or myth of such imaginable things in the past. They shall surely be satisfied, not because such issues are proven but more on the imagination that Irish people had and the creativity that they were able to insert into such tales. Actually seeing the surroundings and the atmosphere that besets them are more than enough for these people to actually determine themselves, and probably assemble the whole puzzle that had mostly been left unanswered in their younger years, for the matter that such were believed to be actually real.