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There will always be the need to warn tourists that while Ireland may be surrounded by beauty, captivating views and resources, and hospitable people, there is still a need to be careful. Safety for themselves and their valuables should still be a priority, since just like in any place in the world; there are certain spots that may not practice the same hospitality and accommodation that most rational people would experience. Each country will have their own groups of juvenile delinquent people, and it is best to stay in the confides of the walls of Dublin, Ireland. Observing the proper time to go out and avoid peculiar places like dark alleys or isolated places that are not that well populated and visited may be a good start. Taking up the advice and the guides that carhire would offer once tourists are on hand already would be a wise thing to do. Further, insurance for all vehicles that tourists would rent may not be a bad idea, just to be on the safe side of things on the part of the incoming tourists. These are some things and occurrences that cannot be avoided. These are the essential things that most people want to avoid, both the hosts and the visitors, but this is really uncontrollable in all aspects. All paradise places have their own snakes in the grass, and Ireland, being successful and known all throughout the world is not spared from such. Actually, the more opportunity that these people would see for doing mischief, considering that Ireland has become a very attractive tourist site for all parts of the globe. This can only mean more opportunity for them especially if the tourists are not guided properly, since they can do their foolish acts, in areas that are not properly defined by local town folks for the safety of the touring visitors.