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The Desmond Halls of Limerick, Ireland

Brief History The preserved sites of early Ireland are not solely limited to castles and towers. Medieval halls such as the Desmond Hall holds fort to a different kind of experience in the history of Ireland’s attractions. These halls are located around them are of Limerick, an accessible location with the proper use of a rented vehicle from the various available rosters of transportation from carhire. Possessing an imposing two-storey structure from the outside, it actually houses restored medieval features such as an oak musician’s gallery and a limestone hooded fireplace for tourist’s viewing pleasure. Preservation through Generations This hall has been preserved in more than one occasion in the recent years of its existence. Used by the Earls of Desmond primarily for banquets and entertainment, these were all constructed in the 15th century. Tourists can just simply be amazed at how serious and dedicated the Irish folks have been in contributing in the up keep of this place for the past years that has passed various generations of preservation purposes. Truly a delight, and different from the usual castles, museums and towers that are spread all over Ireland, this is a site that promises a different type of area and atmosphere to the expecting tourists. Chance of a Lifetime People who are addicted to literature simply cannot leave this out. An opportunity to actually see a structure differently categorized compared to that of the usual spots that Ireland is known for, the medieval ages that this country has gone through is simply tremendous. Irish people themselves will surely lose count of the various series of events that they have been through, most of the time limiting it only to the historic and important ones. Places like the Desmond Halls may not have that perfect impact to gain interest, but it shall surely be an experience worth the time. For one, tourists would not be heard of being overstuffed with castle sights when a different type of structure is implanted in their minds, something different for a change when they choose to tour the country of Ireland.