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Another place that allows tourists to have breathtaking views is the Cliffs of Bunglass in Donegal County, North West Ireland. If people think that the Cliffs of Moher were something, wait until they are able to get a view of this site. A lot windier, it is advisable for the tourists to proceed with further caution. They may get carried away or so to speak, not only by the wind, by the views that surround them, and may end up with no more ground to walk on. Enough said about the probable negative aspects of the place. Plain and simple, this site will surely be a fitting place to visit and spend time on. Get a bird’s eye view of the ocean in front of you while standing on the safety sides of the cliff; it will just simply be enchanting and full of vivid imagination for the normal viewer. Observe the birds and the quiet sound of nature, truly a refreshing site in another part of the Ireland community. It comes to a point to ponder if there is another similar place in other parts of the world that could offer the same beauty and pleasure that most tourist spots in Ireland have. There will be violent reactions and for sure some sites to be mentioned, but regarding the wide coverage of the country and the other site they have to offer, people have yet to see such a country outside Europe and the United States. Tourists want to be impressed, and the Cliffs of Bunglass is a spot that won’t let them down. Providing the views, the atmosphere and the magical surroundings, there is nothing more to ask. People will not be disappointed for sure. Ireland aims to please, and with places that at one time were a critical part of history along with the religious preservation procedures of the country, Ireland has a lot to offer and show towards the tourists of this country.