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A Crystal Factory in Waterfront, Ireland

Recall and be part of history from a front row seat. This is what the Loughshore Park can offer tourists as they will be treated to rare photo shoot opportunities of a place that is adjacent from the passing ships and shores and busy ports from afar. Going back in time, many can be able to recall how the famous ship, The Titanic, first set sail to various shipyards in Belfast. This park holds lots of memories and can provide the individual tourist an actual memory of how such series of events in history actually occurred. Driving along the coastal routes of Belfast, this is one place that people cannot afford to overlook and pass up. The various views will actually start to excite the wondering tourists and this is something that makes them wish that time would stop to be given the right opportunity to view and gaze with awe at the various sites that this part of Ireland has to offer as well. A relaxing day, people might even spend the entire day just staring around, unaware that time is passing and so is their vacation time. It is sort of like a hypnotizing experience making them comfortable and losing time to also enjoy the other sites on their vacation trip agenda. It would not be surprising for some people into fall in love with this place, as would anyone in the other places. They would seem to be content with where they are and not think of the other things that are in their schedule. Unfair perhaps? Not necessarily since the time they are spending is more than enough justification and the bottom line is that they are enjoying their stay, but unfortunately unable to manage their time due to the beauty that these spots have to offer.