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A most seen and photographed site in Galway, Ireland lies at the far end of the town near the river. The Spanish arch provided shelter in the early ages to unload incoming boats for thieves. Its grassy surroundings give the bystanders and some tourists a place to hangout by the river. A site worth the time, this place cannot be missed, since this arch, practically 100 years old, is something that would fail to meet the naked eye when they are in this part of the country. Reliving the old tales once more, it cannot be denied that in the early ages of history for this country, thieves were countless and invaded most incoming ships, mostly trade ships carrying various cargoes that gain the interest of people around the area. In any case, this is just like reliving the timeless moments that people were accustomed to in the other places as well. A wall extension, the arch is something that will always be passed by upon by people who stay in the area of Galway. Missing such a site would be very improbable, since its unique design catches the imagination and savvy of wandering bystanders looking for a place to hangout or probably relax. People who love to sit by the sea and be hypnotized by the calmness and freshness by the riverbanks that are near this arch, can expect to have a grand and memorable time. A place that is suitable for both the young and old, getting that right car from carhire and driving along the coasts of this monument shall urge them to make the sudden stop and take photos of this figure, different as most of the standing artifacts in Ireland. Seeing is believing, Galway has another stop to offer its patrons, something that most of them would surely not want to miss.