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Cooking schools in Ireland

One very welcome result of the growing interest in Ireland’s local cuisine is the effect it has on how the Irish view food. There is now an interest in fine dining and as a result cooking schools are being setup. Now people are can get the chance to educate themselves about the finer points of gourmet cuisine, and gain the skills to open their own restaurants in the future. Some of the popular cooking schools in Ireland are: Ballyknocken Country House and Cookery School The proprietress, Catherine Fulvio, is well-known for her jolly demeanor. One of her so-called courses is something she calls “drive-by and bake”, wherein Fulvio will teach you all the basic skills and tips of Irish baking in just one hour. She also teaches dishes from Southern Italy as well as modern Irish cuisine. Belle Isle School of Cookery The cooking courses in this school are all hands-on and are designed to also develop the students’ confidence in their cooking abilities. The dishes she serves and teaches are traditional Irish recipes with a modern twist. Carlingford Cookery School This school houses five chefs who have diverse backgrounds ranging from authors, international chefs, to gourmet consultants. The courses are as varied as the instructors’ backgrounds. From BBQ to Thai cuisine, to seafood, the school offers a diverse array of possible subjects. The most unusual course in the school is Georgian and medieval banquets. Travellers who decide to also study about Irish cuisine will certainly have their hands fool. But during their free time, they can tour Ireland’s many tourist attractions. The best way to see these attractions is to rent a car. Travellers need only contact anyone of the reputable car hire companies to rent a car.