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Ireland also offers an opportunity for people to be able to ride well bred horses and enjoy the greens and scenery made available in the different areas that Ireland has. Horseback riding is considered a very common sight here, having wide areas that can be traveled by the medieval means of exploring each part of the country. Traveling on the wild side way of getting to some places is something that is not at all new for most local Irish folks. It would be a wonder to think that most people would not be fond of even trying to consider roughing it every once in a while to enjoy their country’s own beauty. So anyone could just imagine how people would scramble out to try and get a piece of the finer way of getting around the country. Horse races are a famous sport in Ireland as well. One known reason is their manner of studding and producing only the finest horses in places of the Ireland as a 1,000 acre Farm at Tully ever since the 1900. It can be reached by car from Dublin in approximately 1 hour. So prior to getting to Ireland, a proper vehicle provided by leading car rental agencies as carhire would be appropriate for them to secure to have the easiest way to travel. Also, Ireland has a Horse Museum that traced the history of the horse in Ireland. Again, this is another educational journey, but in a different aspect, to check what series of events made it possible for the country to be able to produce finely bred horses and are still being done to this day. This type of an adventure is something that tourists should not forget to consider when they are in parts of the country. Exploring without having to add to the pollution that surrounds the nation is something truly different and will even be a very treasured experience.