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Clonmacnoise, A Christian Site in Ireland

One of the busiest sites of Ireland, Clonmacnoise is an early Christian site founded, by Saint Ciaran in the 6th century by the River Shannon. Among the ruins that are seen here are the remnant of eight churches, two round towers, three high crosses and a large collection of early Christian graves. Possessing a more medieval atmosphere with a touch of religious recall, this site can simply bring back the tourists in time and recall the early life of the people during those centuries. With the proper means of private transport from carhire, it is 21 kilometers if people are coming from Athone, or 20 kilometers if coming from Ballinasloe. The tourist spots situated in the area will simply help in providing the actual medieval atmosphere that most people are looking for when they want to go to historic sights and simply use their imagination into believing that they were actually there when everything transpired to create history for Ireland. For the regular church goers, this site is more than meaningful but actually educational and full of information for the eager minds of visiting tourists on the actual series of events that took place in the grounds they are standing on. For most people, seeing that these structures are actually real and seen right in front of their very eyes, more than builds another level of interest of digging deeper in making sure that their information is valid and complete. Ireland holds fort to a large number of religious institutions that were instrumental parts in their history during the medieval ages. This more than justifies why such monuments were preserved and are still standing for the viewing pleasure of people until today. This also initiates the craving for advanced studies and further information from these monuments, a benefit for both the tourists and Ireland as well for being able to preserve these sites and show the world why it was worth the effort.