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Choosing a car hire company in Ireland

There is no doubt that traveling by car in Ireland is the best way to see the country. The leisurely pace, the freedom to stop wherever you want to and the relative peace and quiet of just being on your own or with close friends when travelling is well worth the investment in renting a car in Ireland. There are a lot of car hire companies in Ireland and all of them offer quality service, especially to foreign tourists. It really is more a case of picking the company that is right for you. There are companies that have offices at the airports so even fresh from the plane, you can just enter one of these offices and rent a car. Some of the companies also offer custom arrangements for you where you can pick up your rented car at a place you specify. Here are some important tips and reminders when picking a car hire company in Ireland: • Before going on your tour of Ireland, research online for the different car hire companies that offices in the country. Try to make comparisons as to the rates, contract conditions, etc. • One important reminder -- if you are planning to end your tour of Ireland in a city different from the one where you started from make sure that the car hire company you will get has offices in your last destination. • Determine what kind of car you will need for your trip. There’s no need to get a big car if no more than three people will be riding in it. • Look at the fine print. There may be hidden charges or costs that you are not aware of. • Ask if the car hire company is running a particular promo or special. This could help you lower the total cost of renting a car.