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The Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, Ireland

Ireland, filled with literary arts and writings have lots of libraries that house them and preserve them for viewing by the local people and the occasional tourists who flock towards Ireland at various times of the year. The county, known to be engaged in various historical events in the early years is rich with information and heritage, making it a very ideal place to further enhance the stored knowledge from the basic studies of world history. Much of this is stored in the various libraries that are spread all over Ireland, serving as the place where they are properly preserved and kept by the more articulate and preservation conscious individuals that have been exhausting all means to ensure that critical parts of how the country has evolved into what it is today shall stay in the annals of history for the current and future generations for years to come. One such cultural institution is the Chester Beatty Library. Sacred and artistic traditions are held is separate exhibitions to allow the local population and their visiting guests a more directed overview on these masterpieces that have been well kept. Sacred exhibitions include manuscripts and miniature paintings from the different great religions such as Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. The displays are just astounding and makes the common tourist think of how the Irish people were able to preserve such artifacts. The artistic traditions mostly focus on paintings, rare printed books and decorative arts. People can reach this location by their privately rented cars from carhire in the city centre of Dame Street in Dublin. People are welcomed by a display that is devoted to the person to whom the gallery was named after, Sir Alfred Chester Beatty. His collection, rightfully named the Chester Beatty Collection, is a unique treasure largely made from the works and beliefs of its founder.