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A Car Trip To Ulster Museum

The Ulster Museum is located in the wonderful Botanic Gardens. It houses a diverse collection that covers not just Ulster History but Ancient Egypt and the Spanish Armada as well. The museum’s permanent exhibition on World Cultures takes special attention as well as the exhibit on the Industrial History of Northern Ireland. One of the more fascinating stories told in that exhibit is the formation of the Linen Industry for which the city is famous. The museum’s Natural History section is the base of the Habitas Programme, which is designed to deliver information and life-long education about the natural world. Other imaginative exhibits that support the programme are those from selected items from the combined collection of Northern Ireland museums, which comprises over half a million minerals, rocks, fossils, plants and animals. The Ulster Museum is an amazing and fun-filled museum for children, what with with regular events, trails and quizzes. Also, on the last Sunday of the month the museum holds a "Backpack Day". During this event, children can choose from a selection of free backpacks, each one filled to the brim with well thought out games, art materials, puzzles, activities and guides which bring the collections alive for them. The Ulster Museum is open the whole year round, from 10am to 5pm Monday-Friday, 1pm to 5pm on Saturday and 2pm - 5pm on Sundays. It is advisable to allocate a good amount of time for visiting the museum because there is so much to see here. The Ulster Museum is a great addition to the attractions you can visit while making a car trip through Ireland. Travelling through the country while using a rented car is a wonderful way of seeing the real beauty of Ireland. Car hire companies can cater to whatever car hire needs travellers may have.