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A Car Trip To Newtown Castle

Newtown Castle, which was built in the sixteenth century, has a very unusual design. Some have described it as a cylinder that has been impaled on a pyramid. Others have said that it looks like a rocket. The whole base of the castle wall that is between the four prominently projecting spurs is filled with shotholes that have been cleverly placed at the apex of pointed notches at the point where the cylinder and pyramid meet. One of these notches, also called ghost-gables, lies over the door. This area is also dominated by one of four machicolations that project from the parapet. Inside, the tower has five storeys with dome vaults and third storeys. Both of these have well-preserved impressions of wickerwork matting. The fourth storey’s hall has mullioned windows and has spiral stair that projects into the room. The top floor was originally a bed chamber but when the castle was being repaired, the room was incorrectly restored as a gallery. This was presumably done in order for visitors to admire the new conical oak roof. Newtown Castle as built originally by a sept of the O’Briens. Ownership of the castle eventually got transferred to the O’Loughlins (O’Lochlainns), the self-proclaimed “Princes of The Burren.” This family will live in the castle until the end of the nineteenth century, but would later fell into ruin. It was eventually restored in 1993 – 94 and used as an exhibition centre for the Burren Art College. Newtown Castle is located a mile and half southwest of Ballyvaughan and west of the Losdoonvarna Road. Visitors who travel by rented car will have to access up a quarter-mile tarred lane. Visitors who travel by rented car will not have trouble navigating the roads of Ireland because they are all in great condition. Car travel via rented car is a great way of seeing the various destinations in Ireland. Visitors who want to experience Ireland through a car trip can go to car hire companies and rent a car. Car hire companies, especially National Car Rental, offer competitive car hire packages to tourists.