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A Car Trip To Malahide Castle Gardens

Ericaceous plants like Rhododendrons have long been relied on for bringing colour to an Irish garden but this is a practice that cannot be applied to Malahide because of its alkaline soil. Because of this unique condition, other plants from more lime-tolerant genera have been used in favour of the more eye-catching species. Walking through the garden, you will smell the umistakable scents of syringe, philadelphus, deutzia and old roses – the scent extravaganza more than compensates for the lack of colour in the garden. Malahide possesses one of the biggest collections of non-ericaceous plants in Ireland – its range of plants is one of the most impressive. Its collection is particularly cited for its clematis, ceanothus, crocosmia, ernygium, euphorbia, escallonia, hypericum, hebe, pittosporum, and olearia. Malahide Gardens cover an area of twenty acres. This includes the four-acre walled garden. The whole site is located northwest of Malahide Castle. The whole area is part of a 250-acre demesne park that was acquired by the Dublin County Council in 1976. The Council acquired this after the death of Lord Talbot de Malahide. Visitors who are going to visit the garden will come in from the front of the castle where they will see the West Lawn, a good mix of trees and shrubs. A big lawn with a looming large cedar and spreading cyclamen below it is the main focus of the garden layout. To the right of this are shrubberies divided by a network of grass rides and interlinking paths. The avenue, on the other hand, lies on the opposite side of the lawn, and contains rare and unique plants. The most arresting section of Malahide though is the four-acre Walled Garden. It is subdivided into sections that has its own identity. The Malahide Gardens is located nine miles north of Dublin. Travellers can go to the garden via rented car. Renting a car and going on a car trip through Ireland is a great opportunity to see the country from a unique perspective. A car trip through Ireland is easy because of the good roads and warm people. Visitors can plan their own car trips or have other prepare the itinerary for them. Renting a car is also easy with the help of car hire companies. These companies offer competitive car hire packages that can accommodate the traveller’s every car trip need.