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A Car Trip To Kinsale

Kinsale is a historical town in West Cork that lies 29 kilometres south of Cork City. Kinsale played a pivotal role in Irish history and is now widely recognised as the most popular and fashionable locations in the country. The town offers a lot of things to the many visitors that go to the town every year. It is known as the Gourmet Capital of Ireland, this is because the town’s location allows it to have the freshest supply of seafood that is made available to its many restaurants and eateries. The establishments, as a way to protect its good reputation, only insists on the highest quality locally producted meat, vegetables and dairy produce. Food and the art of cooking is taken very seriously in Kinsale, in fact an annual Gourmet Festival is organised each October while a Good Food Circle works fervently to maintain the town's famously high culinary standards. This adherence to high standards not only applies to food but to other aspects of the town as well. An example would be the way it takes care of the town’s appearance. The Kinsale residents take great pride in their town and this unwavering commitment has led to the town winning a number of Tidy Town Accolades. Don’t forget to go visit Kinsale when you plan your car trip to Ireland. Travelling by car while using a rented car is a great way of seeing the true beauty of Ireland without it being marred by the noise and mayhem of commercial tours that ply their trade using the humongous tour buses. With a car trip you get to see Ireland through the eyes of its locals. You can even go to the different destinations without being conscious of the time schedule. Inquire with car hire companies regarding the best car hire packages that best fits your needs.