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A Car Trip To Irelands Majestic Dublin Castle

Travelling through Ireland by car is a wonderful experience. A trip where you can actually see the country without the veneer of commercialised tourism. Renting a car is the best choice you can make when touring Ireland. In fact, car hire companies are enjoying good business because more and more tourists are discovering that it is a good travel idea. One of the more popular travel destinations in Ireland is Dublin Castle. Only a small portion of this majestic medieval fortress remain. The castle once served as the center of administration of the Royals. The castle’s origins go way back to 1204 when King John ordered Meiler Fitzhenry, the Justiciar, to erect a castle right in Dublin that would have ditches and strong walls. The site chosen isa ridge at the southeast corner of the city walls. This site was actually once occupied by Henry II’s royal palace and most probably by a much older Hiberno-Norse building. The castle was completed at around 1228 and remained a prominent fixture in the Dublin landscape until the 17th century. Dublin Castle is composed of a rectangular enclosure dotted with a drum tower at each of the castle’s corners. The design is said to be a great example of a keepless castle. The castle had a long history of non-events and only had to experience one siege. This was in 1534 when Silken Thomas tried to capture the castle. The castle has served as the official residence of the Lords Deputy. This was also called home by the Lords Lieutenant of Ireland as well as of State councils, and, at some points in time, the Parliament and the Law Courts.