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A Car Trip To Irelands Guinness Visitor Centre

There are many things that have come to be associated with Ireland – there’s St. Patrick, the leprechauns, the shamrock. Mention these and any person who hears it will immediately think of the country. One other thing that has become synonymous with Ireland is the stout, or as it is more commonly known in Ireland and all over the world – Guinness. Guinness and Dublin have become synonymous, the dark frothy slightly bitter brew has been made in the city since 1759. Now visitors to Ireland as well as Guinness lovers from all over the world can visit one of the homes of Guinness. The Hop Store is a cleverly converted old warehouse for Guinness that now houses the Guinness Visitor Centre where guests can have the opportunity to see the history and story of how Guinness has been made. A very impressive multimedia presentation on Guinness’ history that illustrates its contribution to Ireland’s literature and social life is screened to the public. A brewing gallery is also open to the public. This shows the traditional and modern methods of brewing Guinness. Even with the large number of old equipment and the technical information being thrown at visitors, everything is easily to digest. Free samples of Guinness are given to visitors at both the ground floor and at the top floor where the so-called Gravity Bar is located. The glazed and circular bar allows visitors to gaze down on the city while enjoying their pint. The Guinness Visitor Centre is one of those tourist destinations that is a must-see when you travel in Ireland. Renting a car is a great way of travelling through the country. Visitors can inquire at one of many car hire companies that operate all over the country for the best car hire packages available for tourists.