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A Car Trip To Ireland's Derreen

Some of the most outstanding gardens have been developed in West Cork and Kerry because of the good climate in those areas. One of the lushest of these is a woodland glade garden located at Derreen. It is a subtropical jungle with thick vegetation occupying a ninety-acre peninsula in an inlet while being over lapped by the Caha Mountains. The Derreen garden began in 1870 when the fifth Marquis of Landsdowne inherited the house and demesne from his father. The Earl realised that the high rainfall and rare frosts are ideal conditions for a garden so he set out to transform the bare rock and scrub oak into the garden that is still seen today. The task took almost sixty years, with the Marquis spending three months every year at Dereen, excluding 1883 and 1894 when he was appointed Governor General of Canada and Viceroy of India. The excellent growing conditions afforded the Marquis the rare spectacle of seeing the plants he cultivated grow to full maturity. Derreen is actually designed around the house, which is a pleasant, simple, mid-19th century building. This building was rebuilt and enlarged in the 1920a after it was burnt down during the Civil War. Undulating lawns flow down from the house to the woodlands below. Wide grassy vistas reveal a labyrinth of mossy paths that weave in and out of bamboo groves, eucalyptus, conifers, and tree ferns. The Derreen Gardens are located 15 miles southwest of Kenmare. Derreen Gardens is a great stopover in a car trip to Ireland. It is very accessible because of the good road conditions which makes it easy to navigate especially for travellers driving a rented car. Travelling by rented car is a great way to see Ireland. It is a different experience to travel around Ireland in a car rental as opposed to booking a commercial tour. Car hire companies are more than happy to provide competitive car hire packages to travellers who wish to drive around Ireland.