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A Car Trip To Irelands Birr Castle Gardens

The Birr Castle Gardens is one of those places that exude both a sense of stateliness and intimacy at the same time. These disparate qualities are naturally seen across 150 acres of 18th century Browniand-influenced demesne park that is made more beautiful by the existence of a lake, flowing rivers, secluded woodlands, and expansive open spaces that are adorned with almost 2000 species of rare shrubs and trees. Many of these are grown from seeds found in the wild. Some of the marvelous attractions that can be seen inside Birr include a Walled Garden that has a breathtaking formal layout, the Lagoon Garden, Victorian Fernery, the High Walk, River Walk, and an arboretum. These features and attractions are all laid out to give focus on the Gothicised castle, with its fortifications and terraces, that stands gazing over the parkland. The most popular feature of Birr though is the Leviathan – a Gothic-styled 19th century telescope that was considered the world’s largest at that time. The Leviathan was one of the many triumphs of the family who owned Birr. The family’s varied tastes and interests over 14 generations helped shape the development of this parkland garden. During the medieval age, the castle was owned by the O’Carroll’s. They were the rules of Ely O’Carroll, a territory that covered 160 square miles. Sir Laurence Parsons was granted the castle in 1620. The English adventurer laid the initial groundwork on the town and also began work on what would be the Birr Gardens. It was the Parsons family that would eventually further work on the castle, the gardens and the parklands into what it is today. Travellers are welcome to visit Birr Castle Gardens. It is a great destination to go to in a tour of Ireland. In fact, renting a car is the best way to go around the country. Car hire companies offer competitive car hire packages to travellers who wish to experience touring Ireland in a car.