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A Car Trip To Ennis Ireland

Ennis is a place with a very colorful history. It took its name from “Inis”, which is the Gaelic name for “island”. The place earned this monicker because of its location between two streams in the River Fergus. Ennis also has a variety of attractions that visitors can visit or participate in: The Ennis Friary was set up by the O’Brien Kings of Thomond during the 13th century and is now being managed by the Office of Public Works. It has a lot of 15th and 16th century sculptures carved out of hard limestone that is endemic to the area. Some of the figures that can be seen are those of The Virgin Mary and Child and St. Francis. The Eamonn DeValera Museum contains the personal collection of this past Irish president. The museum is open all year round. The streets surrounding the museum date back to the 11th century. The narrow streets, quaint shops and simple storefronts give the place a very medieval feel. This is a town best explored on foot. Ennis developed around the Franciscan Abbey founded by the O’Brien Kings of Thomond way back in 1240. through the years the town slowly thrived becoming a center for trade because of its accessibility to the river. In 1997 it became the country’s Information Age town and has been attracting big IT investments. Some of the sites and interesting attractions that visitors must see while in Ennis are: The Burren – marvel at the rare flora that blooms from this rocky place and be delighted at the gently flowing rivers. This is 7000 years of natural history spread right before your eyes. Aillwee Cave – Located at Ballyvaughan, this cave is one of Ireland’s best attractions. Visitors can see weirdly-shaped rock formations and traverse the cave while marvelling at the stalactites and stalagmites as well as the subterranean waterfall. Clare Heritage and Genealogical Centre revolve around the Ireland west from 1800 to 1860. Tracing one of Ireland’s darker periods, it also offers a professional service to people who wish to find out about their ancestry. Ennis can be one of the stopovers in your car trip through Ireland. A car trip via rented car is one of the more popular ways of seeing the country.