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A Car Trip To Dundrum Castle

Ireland’s rich history and culture can be seen in its numerous archaeological sites, heritage villages, and numerous castles scattered across its rolling landscapes. They are a sight to behold…for those who are willing to travel by car to see them. Since they lie outside of the city proper, you will need to hire a car. There are many benefits to this: you have convenient access to the bars and restaurants within the city, but you have the freedom to take a leisurely drive to the countryside. In short, car hire is indispensable for seeing the best that Ireland has to offer. If you travel through Ireland, travel by car. And one of the destinations that make car travel so worthwhile is Dundrum Castle, located among the rolling hills and green fields of County Down. It stands at the peak of a rocky hill, where it stands guard over Dundrum Bay and the Lecale Plains. Originally, the castle defenses may have been constructed from earth and wood, but the stone curtain was added as early as the 1180’s. It was also renovated in the 15th century, as seen from the “modern” fireplace flue and spiral stairs. Other additions include a twin-towered gatehouse (very similar in design to the one located at Pembroke castle). Though it appears lopsided, it was not from an architectural error: it served to protect the southwest entrance of the castle. To reach Dundrum Castle by car travel, drive through Dundrum Village in County Down. It is open to April to September, so arrange your car trip accordingly. To rent a car to take a car trip, you can approach a carhire agency in any of Ireland’s airports or major cities. Car hire agents can also assist you in creating a car travel itinerary, and supply you with the necessary maps or brochures to make your car travels as pleasant and fulfilling as possible.