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A Car Trip To Dillon Garden

The Dillon Garden is a product of love and devotion. For over 25 years, the garden’s owners – gardening writer and broadcaster Helen Dillon and her husband Val – painstakingly laboured to transform their suburban garden of just over half an acre into a great place for plant lovers to visit. One of the arresting features of the garden is the limestone canal planted with magnificently maintained borders on either side. This combination is a remarkable work in seamlessness. The gravel garden is another wonderful attraction with the gravel providing a perfect contrast for a collection of Araliaceae. Many of these are actually rare, with their exotic and beautifully shaped leaves. For anyone who visits the garden, there is something to see in all of the seasons like drifts of snowdrops in early Spring, Dianthus, Hellebores and sky blue Clematis in Summer and in Autumn the magnificent leaf colours and late flowering species such as Perovksia and Lavatera. Planted borders give off an additional burst of colour. For visitors they will be greeted with amazing botanical surprises at every corner. There is a beautiful mix of the formal and the informal. Visiting gardeners and horticulturists will learn a lot from their visit especially if they are lucky enough to actually meet and talk with the owners. The garden is open to the public from 2pm to 6pm every day in March, July & August and on Sundays only in April, May, June & September. The Dillon Garden is a great place to visit if you are going on a car trip through Ireland. The country offers a lot of great attractions and by far the most popular way to visit as much of these attractions is by renting a car and driving to these destinations. A car trip is a wonderful and unique way to tour the country. Car hire companies will be more than happy to serve your car hire needs.