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A Car Trip To County Monaghan

The word Monaghan is take from the Irish name that means ‘Land of the little hills’. The name refers to the large number of drumlins hills that can be seen throughout the county. County Monaghan is a predominantly rural county composed of rolling green hills, quaint country lanes, a smattering of farms and little market towns. Monaghan is one of the three Ulster counties, along with Donegal and Cavan, that are outside of Northern Ireland (and thus not part of its territories). It is bordered to the north by Tyrone, Armagh to the east, Louth in the south east, to the south is Meath, Cavan to the south west and Fermanagh to the west. Monaghan is the county’s principal town and is situated in the centre of the county. Bronze Age forts and remains can be found dotting the county as well as bones of prehistoric creatures. Such extinct animals like the woolly mammoth and arctic fox have been unearthed here. The plantation of Ulster had very little effect on Monaghan but after Cromwell’s invasion, a large number of the good land in the county was dispatched to English and Scottish protestant settlers. These settlers, in turn, introduced arable farming. Monaghan’s most celebrated native son is Patrick Kavanagh a prominent poet and writer of 20th Century Ireland. Kavanagh was born in the village of Innishkeen. In fact, much of his writings actuall focus on life in a poor rural community. In Monaghan town visitors can find the Patrick Kavanagh Literary Resource Centre. The noted poet is remembered throughout Ireland on 17th July. Other famous Monaghan locals include former World Featherweight Champion Barry McGuigan, The Butcher Boy novelist Patrick McCabe and playwright Eugene McCabe all from Clones. Monaghan is a great stopover in your car trip through the many beautiful destinations in Ireland. Car travel using a rented car is a great way to see the country’s beauty. Car hire companies offer travellers good car hire packages.