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A Car Trip To Ballymoon Castle in Ireland

Ballymoon Castle has no known written history, a fact shared by many other castles in the country. But based on its architecture it is surmised that it was built between 1290 and 1310. The Carew family is considered to be the most likely owners and builders of the castle. It is also believed that the Carews have also acquired the district from the Bigods, the former Earls of Norfolk. The Ballymoon Castle’s architectural features are also a bit unusual – it has a courtyard that is 80 feet square and bounded by granite walls that are 8 feet thick and about 20 feet high. The walls itself has so-called allures or wall-walks that have crenelations – but these features did not survive. Oblong latrine turrets that projected from three of its walls offered some flanking protection – but the fourth wall didn’t offer any kind of defence even though the gateway on this side could’ve had a barbican in front. Ballymoon Castle’s interiors now lie bare but the walls’ embracures, fireplaces, loops and doors still bear witness to the presence of two-storey ranges. Some of these come with cellars which bordered the enclosure. Exquisitely made double-fireplaces actually belonged to the great hall. Other features such as cross loops that come with expanded terminals and “caernarvon arches, meanwhile, would allow the proper dating of the castle to the early parts of the 13th century. Some experts believed that the castle wasn’t used for very long while some have presented the theory that the castle was actually never finished. Ballymoon Castle’s enigma is quite rare for a castle that was built in Ireland. But it is precisely these questions and others that baffle scientists which make the castle all the more interesting not just to the academics but to tourists and travellers themselves. Visitors can see for themselves the beauty and puzzles of Ballymoon Castle as it is very easily reached on land. Visitors can use rented cars when travelling to Ballymoon castle. In fact, renting a car is fast becoming the preferred way for tourists to travel through Ireland.