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A Car Trip To Adare Castle

One of the most impressive castles in Ireland is Adare Castle. What sets it apart are the beautiful time-worn ruins of this Anglo-Norman fortification. The first mention of this castle was in 1226 when it was held by Geoffrey de Marisco. But it was later passed on to the FitzGeralds, at around 1240. Adare Castle’s owners for over 300 years were the Earls of Kildare up until Silken Thomas’ rebellion in 1536. It was then that the castle was forfeited and awarded to the Earl of Desmond. But barely forty years passed when, in 1578, the Munster Geraldines started their own rebellion and eventually lost the castle to English troops after a bloody eleven-day siege. A series of attempts to retake the castle brought about a number of bloody sieges in 1579, 1581, and 1600. These incidents badly damaged the castle’s fabric. In 1657, it was finally dismantled by Parliamentary troops. It is believed that the construction of Adare Castle possibly started in the 1190s and initially included a large square tower and an enclosing D-shaped fosse. Together with this was a hall block located at the south in an outer ward. The tower was especially stood out for having corner turrets that projected from the side walls. It was later remodeled in the fifteenth century, which has made it difficult to assess with any confidence. But from studies the castle appears to originally have three storeys with a first-floor entrance. It most certainly served as the lord’s accommodation and complemented the Great Hall located by the river. Located about nine miles southwest of Limerick on the eastern side of the main road to Adare, Adare Castle is a great stopover in a car trip through Ireland. A car trip is a great way to discover the beauty that Ireland offers. Its rich history can be better appreciated without the commercialisation of tours – which only a car trip can offer. Car hire companies are more than happy to service the needs of travellers.