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A Car Trip for Coarse Fishing Tourists

Fishing in Ireland are of various classes. Coarse fishing is another common type of past time that not only satisfies the urge of incoming tourists who have a knack for fishing but also another way to relax. Car hire vehicles can take most tourist to various parts of Ireland so that they can have the luxury of choosing which spot to choose. Another way to relax, it also allows tourists to experience the spectacular scenery that surrounds them. Hence it comes to a point where even car hire vehicles will have their hands full fulfilling the wishes of their guests, having to travel from one place to another, providing wear and tear to these quality maintained car rented vehicles to oblige to the tourists’ wishes. Among the expected packages to be packed on the conclusion of the trip are the bream, one of the most common coarse species in Ireland. Large Bream can average over 5 lbs. Rudd is another popular coarse fish. It is a striking species with red fins and gold scales. Large Rudd can exceed 4 lbs. Pike thrive in the smallest wild bog, to the largest lakes and rivers. Pike are always in season and can be found throughout the entire country. Some pike taken from Irish waterways have exceeded 50 lbs. In addition to Pike, Roach and Perch can be fished every month. Trench, Bream and Rudd are most active in the warmer months. Their season usually runs April through November. Light spinning and fly-fishing equipment is best for smaller species. Natural bait and flies are best. Serious Pike fishing requires larger spinning equipment and steel leads. Pike will strike at a variety of natural bait, artificial lures and spinners. So car hire vehicles really provide more than transport but also carriers for whatever prices that coarse fisherman will get from their voyage to the waters.