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The Book of Kells at Trinity College

Tourists who fail to even consider to go to this place in Waterford, Ireland better re define what a worthy vacation is really all about. For one, they will miss a magical journey into one of the things that the people here in Ireland are good at. Crystals all around, this is what makes people different in terms of manufacturing and designing different types of things made out of crystal material. In fact, all tourists pass by this place. It is very unusual to see such people to overlook this location, where they can be able to get first hand footage of how the Irish people actually make them. They can only expect a magical atmosphere, the usual mood that can be expected in a room made out of a different type of genre. Further, the most impressive part is that all of them are made by hands, something that is not that easy to do in any part of the world. So tourists can just imagine beforehand, how creative the Irish population is and this can be attributed to their works of art, not only in the Waterford Crystal Factory, but all throughout the nation as well, where other premier arts and literature can be found in the rich country of Ireland that is simply filled with talent and imagination. People who visit this part of Ireland would not go home empty handed. Various products made from actual crystals seen before their very eyes, can be taken as a personal souvenir from the place. The tourists shall also be treated to a gallery of finished products, most of which are many pieces that are given to highly acclaimed celebrities all over the world. Waterford being one of the oldest cities in Ireland, also has nearby attractions as the seaport and old buildings which add to that medieval atmosphere of the early years.