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The Blarney Stone A car trip destination in Ireland

The Blarney Stone in Blarney Castle is the quintessential Irish tourist destination that is a must-see for the definitive Irish tourist experience. For a lot of people a visit to Ireland without going to the Blarney Stone is like going to France without seeing the Eiffel Tower, or going to Cambodia without even glimpsing the spires of Angkor Wat. The famous Blarney Stone is actually located high up in the castle’s battlements. To reach it, a visitor has to climb up one of several stone spiral staircases that lead to the top of the castle where he will be greeted by a spectacular view of the Irish countryside as well as great vantage points from which to view Blarney House and the Village of Blarney. The Blarney Stone itself, and inscribed rock slab, is located at a wall bellow the battlements. The stone is believed to be half of the legendary Stone of Scone (the other half of which is the Stone of Destiny located at Westminster Abbey). The stone, which was originally owned by the Scottish, was were Scottish kings were crowned because of its supposed special powers. The Blarney Stone was given by Robert The Bruce to Cormac McCarthy in 1314 as a sign of his gratitude for the latter’s support in the Battle of Bannockburn. The stone was supposed to have been mentioned in the Bible. This was supposedly “Jacob’s Pillow” and was reportedly brought to Ireland by Jeremiah The Prophet. But it is said that it was more likely brought back during the Crusades. Another popular tale surrounding the Blarney Stone was that it was given to McCarthy by an old woman he saved from drowning. The woman was actually a witch and as a reward, revealed the secret of the stone – that it will give him the gift of eloquence if he kisses it. To kiss the stone itself, a visitor must lean backwards (and slightly upside down while holding iron railings) from the parapet walk. Whether the gift of eloquence is truth or not, the Blarney Stone is an essential stop in a visitor’s trip to Ireland. A car trip through the country is the best way to see its beauty and many tourist destinations. Renting a car in Ireland is fairly easy, many car hire companies operate near the airports and are more than willing to help tourists.