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Best Stopovers on your Car Trip through Ireland Horse Island

Contrary to expectations, traveling through Ireland by car doesn’t limit you to the mainland. You can still explore the country’s many islands, and in fact, hiring a car gives you greater access to them because they aren’t typically included in commercial tours. If you are planning a car trip to Ireland, and would like to include a visit to an island in your itinerary, you can ask your car hire agency to provide you with maps to the docks servicing the area. Car hire companies can provide you with whatever car hire needs you may have in your tour of Ireland. One of Ireland’s most picturesque islands is the Horse Ireland, located off the south west coast It is known for its clean, fresh air, sandy bays, and a peaceful and tranquil ambience. It is just 15 minutes away from the dock. Horse Island’s natural beauty and serene ambience is excellent for picnicking and a day of swimming and sunbathing. Other leisure pursuits include a barbecue on the beach, fishing, spa treatments, tennis, fitness training with a fully qualified instructor), sailing and boating But if the island’s beauty proves too irresistible to leave right away, you can stay overnight in one of the three stone cottages found on the island. They are spacious, cosy, and equipped with modern facilities to make your visit as enjoyable as possible: two double bedrooms with jacuzzi and winecooler, shower, sauna, kitchen laundry, wood and peat fire, satelite TV, and refrigerator filled with local specialities such as handmade cheese, fresh Irish butter and milk, whiskey salami and guinness. To take a car trip through Ireland, you can inquire at car hire companies about the car hire packages they offer. The car hire agencies can also assist you in creating a personalised itinerary for your car travels, including attractions that are a convenient car drive away from the hotel.