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The Best Restaurants in Ireland

For so long, Irish food has become the unwilling punchline in jokes about cuisine. The hearty, but unimaginative, bacon-and-cabbage image has been an unfair picture of what Ireland has to offer in terms of world cuisine. But Ireland’s abundance of produce from both the sea and the land is the perfect ingredient for a renaissance in taste that gourmets are now discovering. Here are some of the best restaurants in Ireland: Shanks restaurant in Clandeboye This restaurant is run by a husband-and-wife team who serve irish food made from the freshest ingredients and freshly-caught local game from the Clandeboye Estate like pheasant, pigeon, venison and guinea fowl. The dishes have a strong influence of Italy, France and Pacific cuisine. Restaurant Michael Deane The restaurant, named after its famous chef, gained a highly sought after Michelin star barely eight months after opening, and which the establishment has retained. Deane is not only a taste master he’s also a bit of a showman, and has recently opened a cooking class to highlight both talents. The restaurant is famous for its nine-course menu. Fishy Fishy Cafe For those wanting simple fare that is still absolutely delicious, the café serves fresh seafood. Diners should get used to seeing men barging into the establishment carrying heavy boxes full of fresh fish because it is near the port – ensuring that what’s being served on the plate is the freshest seafood available. Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud The dining room is located in the Merrion Hotel. This restaurant has earned the distinction of being called the best restaurant in Ireland. Prepare to spend a bit because it is on the pricy side. But then the price buys you some of the most delicious gourmet cuisine in the country. Oysters for appetizer, foie gras sorbet, and various meat courses, among others, have wowed diners for the past few years. Travellers who want to take a gourmet adventure should consider renting a car because the many stops in a restaurant route could be for memorable Irish landmarks that may otherwise be ignored by commercial tour operators.