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The Best Pubs in Ireland

Ireland is not just about majestic castles and mesmerizing natural wonders. It is also a wonderful place for people who want to experience the kind of social interactions the Irish has been enjoying since the earliest of times. The pubs of Ireland are already considered an integral part of Irish culture. It helps define what the Irish are to the rest of the world. The excellent ales are also helping in boosting Ireland’s image of camaraderie and friendship to the world. There are a lot of pubs in Ireland, particularly in Dublin. But there are some that are a cut above the rest. It is a general opinion among the Irish that the best pubs are usually the oldest. They say that old pubs have the best-tasting beer and where the conversation and company is the most interesting. The Cobblestone has been serving beer since before the Smithfield Quarter became a fashionable spot. This place has recently become a favorite venue for traditional music performances. The young crowd mixes in with the grizzled pub veterans and makes the place so much more interesting because of it. Mulligans was the favorite pub of James Joyce and until now it has resisted any trappings that would’ve modernized it. No strobe lights, no contemporary music and no trendy posers. This place is now the favourite of media people and print journalists who work at the Irish Times. McDaids at Harry Street is a pub that is the preferred pub of the Irish playwright Brendan Behan. It was said that Behan would frequently get stone drunk in the pub after regaling pub regulars with his tales. In fact, a lot of the regulars were there and still fondly remember the old spitfire. For travellers who want to experience the best pubs of Ireland, the best bet is to rent a car and go to these places on their own because these are not tourist attractions. Be reminded though that even if you’re a tourist you should still remember not to drink and drive.